Get a Great Shirt and
Give Something Back.

The C-Shirt is the most comfortable shirt you can buy.

It is made from cotton grown in NC, milled in NC, knitted in NC and sewn in NC. It's 100% American-made.

For each C-Shirt you buy, we donate one to the Wounded Warriors who serve our country. So, buy the C-Shirt and support the team.

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The Shirt

• The patented Wick A’Way® Plus fabric keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
• Your shirt goes from wet & uncomfortable to dry & soft in minutes, not hours.
• The antimicrobial feature keeps odor away under extreme conditions. Read more...


The Wounded Warrior Team™

More than buying a shirt, you are honoring the sacrifices made by our nation’s wounded and heroic warriors. You are creating jobs in America for Americans. With the purchase of every shirt, a shirt is donated by the Wounded Warrior Team™. Support the team. Read more...

The Eight-Eighties

The Eight-Eighties

The Eight—Eighties are eight senior citizens, all over eighty years old. Each has served in the military during War Time. Goal One is to help create jobs in America. Goal Two is to show support for the nation's Wounded Warriors.